Where I Am Right Now

As of starting this blog, it’s been roughly 4 weeks since buying and reading Zero Waste Home, 3 weeks since starting bulk food purchases, and 1 week since starting the decluttering/simplifying process.

To give an idea of what my living situation is: I currently rent a 100 sq/ft room from a family member, with about a 15-20 sq/ft walk-in closet. I have use of the garage, kitchen, the 80 sq/ft garden, and common areas. I rent a 200 sq/ft studio space within walking distance of home. The office-studio has utilities included, so at the moment it’s not particularly energy efficient. At home, though, I use practically no utilities except water for showering and dishes, gas for cooking, and a single light here and there after dark.

I’m in the middle of recording my food expenses over a period of 4 weeks to see what kind of money I’m spending now that I’m almost exclusively buying food without packaging. (I’ll make a list of what foods I’m able to find that come in reusable packaging, no packaging, and which ones I have to buy pre-packaged and what materials its made out of.)

Spring cleaning has, like I said, been going on for about a week and is still in-progress. I have a storage unit to go through next, but just from my room and closet alone I’ve donated probably more a dozen grocery bags’ worth of stuff by now. Right now I’m excited at the prospect of being able to structure my space to keep my priorities in line.

Next will… probably be photos of what my “systems” look like right now, and what I’m hoping to do in the future to further streamline them and make them sustainable.