Systems: Jewelry + Shoes

I’m starting off with the easy stuff right now. The things I know for sure I don’t have to do much of anything about.

This is my jewelry collection, which might get pared down even more in the future (the bracelet on the top is mostly sentimental–the last of my “kandy” from my rave days–and the necklace on the far right was an old gift, but I don’t really think its me). I’d like to keep things about here, though:

  • 1 ring
  • 1 bracelet
  • 3 necklaces
  • 3 plugs

I had my nose pierced a couple weeks ago, though, so I’ll be acquiring a couple extra pairs of nose screws and maybe a backup septum retainer in case something happens to this one. Fortunately, those pieces are about as big as nail clippings. :P

The one thing that always bothered me about stretching my ears was what to do with all of the jewelry I suddenly couldn’t wear anymore once I went to the next size up. According to the site I’ve ordered most of my jewelry from, I’ve spent upwards of $350 since I started stretching at 18, and I’m still only left with 3 wearable pairs out of the dozens I’ve purchased over the years. Plugs are hard to get rid of because of sterilization issues, and organic materials can’t be autoclaved, so good luck finding someone who wouldn’t mind taking a chance with your old jewelry. I’ve still got tins filled to the brim with jewelry I haven’t been able to wear in years because I can’t bear to throw it out, and it’s stuff my friends aren’t interested in. Maybe the thrift store will take it.

Here’s my shoe collection. In order, I have: leather boots, walking/exercising/hiking-lite shoes, classy sneaks, junk sneaks, house slippers, leather loafers, and 2 pairs of flats.

The boots are about 10 years old, impeccably made, but have seen a lot of action. They’re not waterproofed anymore, and they just don’t jive with my style quite like they used to. I think I’m going to try and sell them on ebay and replace them with a new pair from Oliberte (they’re a certified B corp, the only fair trade shoe company in existence at current, AND they will recycle your shoes for you at the end of their life to make sure none of them end up in a landfill). Unfortunately, I’m likely going to need a pair of hardier hiking boots this year as well as I lead up to my first  backpacking trip at some point next year. So all in all, I have need for 9 pairs of shoes apparently.

The rest brings me to an interesting intersection: that of ZW and gender. Organizing your wardrobe is easier if you have a rigid sort of presentation that doesn’t waver from day to day. But for someone like me, sometimes I like to dress a little more “masculine” or a little more “feminine” (for the record, I refuse to put those terms in anything but scare quotes because they’re largely meaningless descriptors), so I need to have both on hand. It would be nice if I didn’t–my closet would be a bit smaller too–but that’s just how it is.