Excuses at WF

“You know you’re not allowed to bring your own containers for the salad bar anymore.”


“Because of sanitation issues.”

That’s not what the last cashier told me! Seems like Whole Foods just doesn’t want to deal with the phenomenon, period. Maybe it’s just me, but how is using your own container for the salad bar any less sanitary than people rummaging through produce or fruit with hands that they’ve been, say, coughing on? I’m sure at least somebody’s caught a bug from eating an apple that they didn’t wash because it was touched by 100 other people, and yet our fruit still isn’t individually shrink-wrapped to protect us from “sanitation issues”. What about the bulk dry bins? Or the bulk salad greens? People can use their own bags for those, how is that different? What if they’re reaching in and grabbing food with the bag itself that’s got crud on it? I don’t see the store banning bulk and produce bags because of that possibility. I’ve seen folks reach into the bulk bins and grab something to taste with their hands a number of times. It happens all over the store, not just the salad bar. Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

What likely happened is that one person with a container that didn’t look clean to another customer got complained about, and oops, now it’s ruined for everyone. The only options left now is to use, you guessed it, plastic containers provided by WF. Plastic that takes millions of years to make, pulled out of the earth and processed so that you can use it for an hour before throwing it away, where it will take another hundred million years to degrade in the most toxic way possible.

I’ve got two options: 1. write the shit out of WF, letting them damn well know how unhappy of a customer I am until they change their ways, or 2. reuse their containers since they don’t seem to mind that, but only a few times otherwise it’ll start leaching into my food. Actually, that’s more like one big option.

I would try and take my business somewhere else, but they are literally the grocery store that’s closest to me right now, and travelling long distances for food on foot and by bike is time and energy I am really not interested in spending.


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