ZW Tacos: Trial #1

So last night I wanted to make tacos, taking note of exactly how many packaged ingredients it required for me to make something I could call comfort food. Wanting to keep things vegetarian though, I went with a vegan soyrizo recipe that turned out really well, even though I’ve never used TVP before.

The spices I used were completely different than from the recipe, though. Anyways, here’s my breakdown:

  • TVP (Bob’s Red Mill… sadly, my WF stopped carrying it in bulk a while back)
  • Broth (Better than Bouillon in vegetable and mushroom, glass jars w/ metal lids)
  • Seasonings (garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, oregano, chile powders, Bijol, Goya seasoning, soy sauce, red wine vinegar; glass bottles/jars and plastic packets)
  • Onion, tomato, cilantro (loose)
  • Shredded cheese (salad bar; I don’t normally put cheese on my street-style tacos, let alone cheddar, but I wanted to see how salad bar cheese tasted)
  • Tortillas (plastic bag)
  • Tapatio (glass bottle)

That’s pretty terrible! Here’s what I could probably source from unpackaged materials in the future:

  • TVP: shouldn’t be impossible to find a place that sells it in bulk around here… if all else fails, I could buy a large bag online and use it over the course of a year or something. Jury’s still out on whether or not I like it that much, though. At least it’s really filling.
  • Broth: homemade, obviously.
  • Seasonings: not really sure where I’d get something like cumin in bulk, but some of the other stuff I could buy fresh, dry myself, and grind. Same for the chili powders. Red wine vinegar isn’t something that I use on a regular basis at all, so I could definitely sub this for something else.
  • Tapatio: should be very easy to make at home, especially as this product doesn’t exist in Canada and I’ve got enough Mexican foodstuff to smuggle up there on visits already.

Next ZW taco attempt will probably be made with papas y nopales, which are very traditional ingredients. I also count myself lucky that I can buy loose nopal paddles at the farmer’s market across the street (yes, I’ve got one across the street!).