Weekend Goals #1

So, to help motivate me and keep me on track with experimenting with food/organization/gardening/ZW miscellany, this’ll be a series of posts in which I, well, outline my goal(s) for the upcoming weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to do this every weekend, and if not, then definitely for the ones that come with payday.  :V

This weekend I hope to:

  • Make yogurt
  • Turn that yogurt into Labneh

I’m doing this with the intention of multiplying the potential uses fora single glass bottle of milk instead of having to rely on multiple dairy purchases and the containers they come packaged in. The bonus is that maybe I’ll be able to get my grandmother to stop buying her own yogurt and kefir in plastic cups and bottles! (She likely will, especially if she gets free food out of the arrangement.) And hopefully, she’ll even dig the Labneh and stop hoarding cream cheese while we’re at it.

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