Follow-up to Weekend Goals #1

Well, just thought I’d pop in real fast to say that the Labneh was a complete success and I can’t wait to start putting it on just about everything.

I was, apparently, supposed to put salt in the yogurt prior to straining, but I mixed it in afterwards and it tastes fine to me. I also only had garlic olive oil on hand, but again, tasted fine. Note to self, though: only used natural or unbleached material to strain, otherwise the cheese will absorb dye along the surface. :S

Didn’t get a chance to make the yogurt (the stuff I bought to start the culture came in a big container, so I figured I’d just use what I bought to make the cheese and save a little for using later), unfortunately. I have a lot of milk in the fridge, though, so I’ll be getting to that soon.