Ravioli with Olives and Tomatoes

Due to over-committing funds for my grandmother’s 70th birthday present, I’m surviving on $25 for the next week and a half! (I have a number of people who would be glad to lend me some cash in a pinch, but I’m just going to pretend I’m in college again.)

This is today’s lunch. Let’s do a little ZW analysis on it:

Grape tomatoes: A. Bought these from the farmer’s market and politely declined to bring home the plastic basket they came in.
Roasted tomatoes: A.  Bought in bulk from the olive bar.
Olives: A. Also in bulk from the olive bar.
Olive oil: A. Purchased a refillable bottle from a local oil and balsamic store.
Parmesan: C. Came shrink-wrapped, unfortunately. Slightly off-set by the fact that hard cheeses have a long shelf life and are used in smaller amounts.
Ravioli: F. Ouch. Pre-made frozen stuff that was on sale. Packaged in plastic that didn’t have a recycling symbol on it. If the container were recyclable, I’d have given this a D. Awful, awful. Next time I need to buy something in plastic, I’m going to make darned sure that it’s not only recyclable, but that it’s a #1 or #2 material.