Improv: ZW Style

Maybe there’s a little bit of a misconception among folks who take a cursory glance at ZW and decide that it’s not for them because of the commitment to a rigid routine that such a lifestyle probably requires. And granted, it does– to be quite frank, the rigidity is what made it appealing to me at first. (I’m a bit of an anal-retentive capricorn; structure gives me the warm and fuzzies.)

But I don’t think that they understand that day to day life necessitates that you step outside of that structure a lot. And what you wind up doing in those circumstances isn’t going to tell you what you’re doing “wrong”, but it will tell you how deep in the lifestyle you are. And last night gave me an opportunity to be put to the test, so to speak.

We were at a joint called Piano Piano, a sort of comedy and music show bar for a birthday. I ordered a personal pizza and when I realized that I wasn’t going to finish it, had a bit of an “uh oh” moment. Do I take the takeout container, which was very likely going to be a styrofoam clamshell, or do I leave the unfinished food to be thrown away? I can’t gorge myself or force myself to finish such a greasy meal due to GERD, especially with alcohol already making its way through my GI, so that was out. So what to do? Well, thanks to the aforementioned booze, I’d decided to steal a cloth napkin with which to wrap my pizza. My drunk cousins thought this was hilarious, but I got nods of vague understanding when I said that I “don’t do styrofoam”.

Such anarchist cred.

What was exceptionally disappointing, though, was that despite serving the drinks and beers in chilled glasses, orders of water were delivered in plastic cups, complete with plastic straw already unwrapped and demanding to be sipped from. What the hell?

So it was a learning experience. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the routine and improve if necessary. In fact, I think improvising makes a bigger immediate impact than pulling out the stainless to-go container as routinely as a credit card for paying the bill; it shows onlookers how dedicated you are to avoiding disposable items at all costs, even when doing so requires much more effort on your part, or worse, looking silly in public. But being prepared is the obvious choice, too. Now I know to bring my water bottle everywhere, not just where I think I’ll need it. Start carrying around my set of Abeego wraps as soon as I get them as well (for which I’ll review soon; my husband got them for me :3) for packing dry leftovers. Figure out a good system for wet leftovers.

And bonus points for me for having had my first ZW dream last night! I was in a normal supermarket, which I admittedly haven’t been to in a couple months, trying to find food that wasn’t packaged. Everything was! Even to the point of not even having a produce section. The place was also dimly lit and dingy. I was with a few relatives who didn’t understand my horror, thinking that such a store was perfectly average (which, for most of working class and poor America, it sadly is). I eventually got mad enough to start yelling and left. Oy, lol…

5 thoughts on “Improv: ZW Style

  1. The fact that you are dreaming about ZW is hilarious! I too, have been trying to figure out what items I need to have on me at all times in order to be prepared to refuse all trash. Keep up the wonderful work!


    • I know, lol! My dreaming brain is pretty plain jane, hehe.

      I think having your “kits” down is a good portion of being successful at ZW. Unfortunately, the thing by its nature doesn’t permit much trial-and-error. Planning is key, I suppose?

      Thank you. :]


    • Yeah, the place was dimly lit, the purse and napkin were both black. It was very easy, actually! I don’t think I’d have done that in many other circumstances, though.


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