Litter – Just Do It

Great food for thought here~


What’s your first thought when you see these pictures?



Travelling through Vietnam and Cambodia, probably like any developing country, you often hear westerners complain about how dirty it is – mostly meaning that there is a lot of visible trash.  Yup, litter is omnipresent. Us older tourists can hear the old ad jingles – “Don’t be a litterbug” and “Every Litter Bit Hurts.”  It’s true – there is trash everywhere – along roads, shorelines, sidewalks.  The comments about trash, a reflection of our relatively recently developed values and aesthetics, often are pretty judgy.  It’s as though people who litter are less evolved.  Really?! 

In environmental studies, one of the mantras is that we would like to make the invisible more visible – thinking that by making processes more visible people will become more aware of their impacts and mindful of how they live their lives.  Wynne commented that she was…

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