ZW/Minimalist Design Doesn’t Mean White and Sterile

Follow-up to my purging post!

For me, personally, this is some of my favorite interior design inspiration. I like the concept of intentional possessions; slow possessions. You know– like the material objects version of slow food. Things that come into your life with intention, owned mindfully, used slowly, and cherished, no matter how small and utilitarian. Decorative pieces are sometimes spontaneously obtained, and that’s half the fun sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be mindfully owned either.

Without further ado, my minimalist/ZW design inspo:

4229d  mexican style house numbers1 Incredible Mexican Design House in Chapala decor ideas  photo

I really, really hate culture-stereotype parties of the sort in the link, but I really like this picture.

Gathered Gallery Wall


Can’t wait for me to finally move in with the hubs so we can actually start building our style together~

(It’s still going to be a while, though.)


5 thoughts on “ZW/Minimalist Design Doesn’t Mean White and Sterile

  1. I love the wall picture with all the shrine-like images on it. One of the things I want to someday do is create shrine art of spirits and such, to minimize space and trinkets. Walls are usually so empty, and I love seeing them filled.


    • One thing my hubs has had a hard time understanding is that I love empty walls–not all over the place, mind–because it gives me room to breathe, and it helps me to appreciate the stuff that is on the walls all the more. For him, the more the merrier. I’m beginning to realize that I’ve got a very strong ascetic streak in me.

      I’m glad that my practice hasn’t called me to accumulate trinkets and icons like it does for some other people… I’d be a very grumpy polytheist. :P


      • I can see your side of it. When done right I can appreciate emptiness framing what’s there and allowing the eyes to rest. I think part of it for me was growing up forced to have these bare pastel walls in my room and it’s like “but I want life! I want color! argh!”. So now I rebel with clutter.


        • Yeah, I’m no moral minimalist. For me personally, clutter has actually triggered anxiety attacks and depression from the sheer visual overstimulation. :\

          Sure, simplicity is more practical, definitely–the most practical would be a concrete jail cell, to take that logic to the extreme, heh–but we’re not robots. Genuine comfort and happiness isn’t to be understated!


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