ZW Kitty Instructables

I’m a complete and total cat person, have been all my life, and I most definitely will until the day I die! They’re very personable, low maintenance (for my personality they are, compared to dogs), affectionate, intelligent, and sometimes just plain entertaining. Owning  a cat is good for your health, to boot.

But cat paraphernalia is, like pretty much everything else, ridiculously packaged, overpriced, and made from potentially harmful materials. So I did a little searching and found a fantastic series of DIY how-tos on Instructables.

Picture of how to grow cat grass

How to Grow Cat Grass

Picture of Spin Yarn from Cat Hair

Spin Yarn From Cat Hair

Make a Cat-Sized Cardboard Dome

DIY Top-Entry Litterbox

Catnip-Filled Kitchen Scrubber

Picture of Make Raw Cat Food

Make Raw Cat Food

Picture of Many Shapes and Sizes

Cat Toys from Cat Fur

Picture of The gravel and litter mix as the cat use the box.

“Green Pee” Cat Litter System

Picture of DIY eco friendly cardboard ball for cat

DIY Cardboard Cat Toy


2 thoughts on “ZW Kitty Instructables

  1. OT but regarding the spinning thing (because it’s an obsession of mine)….carding does NOT align all the fibers in the same direction (that would be combing instead), and wool is not automatically rough (nor is cat hair automatically rough, just like with sheep breeds there are some that produce soft, next-to-skin fur that can be used in garments). And the airborne allergens like dander can be gotten rid of if you wash the yarn/knitted item.


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