Systems: Food on the Go

So this is my collection of food storage reusables for brown bag lunches, take-out, leftovers, coffee, and what have you.

  • 12oz. stainless mug from Starbucks
  • 16oz. stainless mug from Amazon
  • Wooden chopsticks
  • Titanium “foon” by Light My Fire
  • Reusable cloth napkin from Juniperseed Mercantile
  • Two-tier plastic bento box by Monbento

I love everything in the kit– yes, plastic bento included. A stainless tiffin would probably be more to the liking of most everyone reading this blog, but versatility, being microwavable, leak-proof, and lightweight were absolute musts for me. I just can’t help being a sucker for a matte gray finish, either.

What’s in your kit?


3 thoughts on “Systems: Food on the Go

  1. My lunch kit consists of an old lunchbox that someone gave to me as a high school graduation gift (it’s seen some years), a set of old utensils, a Liberty stainless water bottle, a ceramic/silicon insulated mug, and some cloth napkins that my mom made a looong time ago. I’d love to update my kit to some stainless steel containers (I currently use durable plastic tupperware for everything since it’s what I have), but that will probably have to come when my salary is a bit bigger… Your kit is so pretty and cohesive!


    • Hey you know, whatever works, right? ;)

      The glass and ceramic mugs that they have these days are so pretty, but I don’t trust myself not to break them LOL. My stainless bottle has so many dents in it already ._.;

      I know you’l probably be wanting to go with stainless when you get around to upgrading, but this Monbento is fantastic if you see yourself in the market for plastic. There’s another brand that’s about half the price, Bentgo, that I’ve heard good things about. I guess there are issues with putting it in the dishwasher, though. Just a heads up!

      And ahh, thanks. Totally didn’t plan it… I guess that’s the benefit of having a standard favorite palette, hehe. :>


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