3 Months In: The Changes I’ve Made

Everyone goes at their own pace when it comes to lifestyle changes; I will not hesitate to admit that I like to hit the ground running, and that’s DEFINITELY not for everybody! I’m the kid who would change the style of their handwriting every few months because of boredom and new obsessions. When the LotR movies came out, I woke up one morning and decided to start writing like this. So trust me, I know for a fact that I’m not any sort of norm. ;]

So while it seems a little silly to start chronicling the changes I’ve made in such a relatively short period of time doing the ZW thing, I’m not above being a little self-congratulatory. And moreover, it helps me to put things into perspective and see just how much progress there’s yet to make.

Things I’ve stopped doing:

  • Accepting take-out beverage containers of any sort
  • Accepting shopping bags from stores, even if I’ve forgotten mine
  • Buying disposable razor cartridges
  • Buying bath products packaged in anything but small amounts of paper or foil
  • Buying shampoo and conditioner
  • Buying and using antiperspirant
  • Buying frozen entrees and prepackaged meals
  • Buying bottled beverages aside from the occasional juice (I could get them from a joint that provides glass bottles and lets you refill them, but they are way out of my price range)
  • Buying monthly comic book issues
  • Buying clothes and accessories on a whim
  • Buying meat to prepare at home (aside from the very rare exception)
  • Buying CDs
  • Tolerating junk mail

Things I’ve started doing:

  • Baking bread every week for pennies on the dollar, eliminating the need to buy store-bought
  • Buying grass-fed yogurt in glass containers for my labneh
  • Bringing my lunch to work to avoid gratuitous take-out packaging
  • Using my stainless water bottle religiously
  • Buying more ebooks over printed copies
  • Bringing my titanium spork and cloth napkin to fast food restaurants
  • Eliminating the teflon and plastic from my collection of kitchen supplies, replacing them with hardier, healthier alternatives
  • Composting
  • Getting into the habit of bringing reusable take-out containers for restaurant leftovers
  • Ordering less to avoid leftovers

I might write a short guide on “how to start” living minimal/ZW at some point because I feel like a lot of the blogs and information out there is a bit TMI in many regards and may actually overwhelm folks interested in making lifestyle adjustments.  Hm…!


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