Biycling 101

Bicycling! The environmentalist’s wet dream– and with good reason, too. Studies say bicycling regularly helps you sleep better, get sick less often, you inhale less pollution than passengers in cars and buses, and that riders get approximately 3,000 miles to the “gallon”. I don’t believe a more energy efficient vehicle even exists.

As some of you know, I don’t have a car. In fact, I don’t even have a license yet. (I will be getting that this year, but I don’t expect to be using it much.) Now, the real reason is that I can’t afford a car, but the point is that I don’t care. There isn’t a single fantasy of adulthood that I’ve had, aside from roadtrips, that featured me owning a vehicle. Cars are expensive, high-maintenance, gross, and more trouble than they’re worth, in my opinion, and so long as I’m in an urban area I don’t ever expect to own one. So naturally, I’m a huge proponent of using a bike to get where you need to go.

So I’m going to be posting links on how to buy, ride, maintain, and get the most out of your bike, whether you’re a carless urbanite/suburbanite like myself, or just enjoy the casual weekend ride to your favorite restaurant. Summer’s almost here for us here in the northern hemisphere– are you ready to start ditching the car to enjoy the good weather?

BICYCLING 101: Basics



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