The Real Test

So this is the real test. Today I was laid off from my awesome job– I was preparing for something like this to happen sooner or later as it’s a tough industry to break into and make money from, and its an absolutely enormous project, so it’s no surprising that they’re finding it difficult to stay afloat. I totally get it. I was passionate about the project, and I hope that by cutting me loose they’ll be able to see this thing through to completion.

But that still leaves me rather unemployed. And it leaves me to wonder if my new lifestyle can survive it.

If it can’t, then I’ve failed. If you need a sizeable income, or even a steady income, to do this, then it’s not sustainable whatsoever and I’ve got to rethink how I’ve approached this. It’s like that book I quoted in the last post: you can get to be as efficient as you want, but it means nothing for the bottom line unless you can actually exercise conservation alongside it.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to think of all the ways I’m saving money that I wasn’t before to help keep me a little optimistic about the weeks/months ahead. :P

  • Home-baked bread: saving $10/mo
  • Meatless: saving $20/mo
  • Skipping pre-made breakfast products: saving $25/mo
  • Home haircuts: saving $45/mo (granted, I haven’t gone to a hairdresser in over 3 years, but this is still awesome savings)
  • No more comics: saving $15/mo
  • No more disposable razors: saving $10/mo
  • No ‘poo: saving $5/mo
  • Bicycling: saving: $20/mo on transit fare

I don’t want to give the wrong impression here. It’s not like I suddenly have $150 more in my pocket every month when compared to an average month last year. My animal protein, for instance, has been replaced with stuff like oats, avocados, and seeds, which were completely absent from my budget before. But the net efficiency and savings I’ve gained are still well above the red. So:

  • All things considered: I’m still saving about $100/mo right now, give or take, when compared to my old spending habits. (~$55/mo if you discount the haircuts.)

I can’t help but be glad I don’t have more bills than I do. I have student loans, a commercial lease for another 7 months (which was meant to help me perform better in my salaried position), and a few medical bills that need sorting out. This isn’t anything particularly extraordinary, though; I’ve been here before, and I expect to be here again.  I can only hope to be better at surviving each and every time it happens.

I’ve already started on building up my portfolio so I can get into a position where I might start making some passive side-income via Etsy, Redbubble, and other places. But if any of you are interested in doing some ZW shopping, I’ve put together an Amazon store (not that I particularly support Amazon as a business) that makes me somewhere around 5-10% commission for everything you buy through there. Everything I’ve listed is Prime compatible, and I’ve listed as many things as I personally own or that’s on my wishlist as possible.

And always, thanks for reading the blog. :]


3 thoughts on “The Real Test

  1. I’m trying to get a job for months now, and like every other year, I never get called or messaged. In a week, I won’t be studying for the next year and it’s stressing me out (because I have things to pay and no job) so I’ll try to start my zero waste project, and I hope this can help me go throught summer… For the job, I hope you’ll be luckier then me! ;-)


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