Hemp Seed Milk…

Being the spontaneous person that I am, I up and decided to try my hand at making nut milk this past Memorial Day. I decided on hemp seed for my first try, despite never having had it before at all, for the sole reason of not needing to soak the stuff overnight before blending. (I was in the mood for some instant gratification.)

Overall, not the best choice for my first nut milk though. It’s really not a flavor I’m enjoying too much–it smells like birdseed to me?–and it’s not cost effective either. My goal is to beat the $1.99 per quart pricepoint of the carton-packed almond milk I normally buy, and this cost me $3.75 to make less than that. Buying almonds in bulk for this will likely be the way to go; and according to a forum post breaking it down someplace, it can be as cheap as $3/gallon to make at home if you find almonds at a good price.

Pictured also is my designated nut bag, a hemp drawstring bag I scored for $2 that seems to work really well, and the bowl I used for straining.

For making your own nut milk at home, you need a ratio of nuts/seeds to water of about 1:3, give or take, a bag, piece of clean cloth or cheesecloth to strain the meal from the milk (you can also leave the milk unstrained if that’s your thing too), a blender, and something airtight to store the milk in when you’re done. Sweetener, vanilla, spices, etc., are optional.

Tutorials are a dime a dozen on the internet for this stuff, but I’m headed to the store today to grab some almonds so I might as well take some process pictures for a future post. :9