Systems: Skin v.2 + Hair

This is my first systems “update”. The first time I took a serious look at the products I used on my skin was a whole 3 months ago… seems like a lot longer than that, doesn’t it?



Granted, I forgot the sunscreen and moisturizer in this second pic, which are still the same from above, but still… big difference!

  • Crystal deodorant
  • Lavender oatmeal soap packaged in paper (this is still the same bar too, btw)
  • Pumice stone (synthesized pumice… I’d like to switch to the natural stuff next time)
  • Sea sponge
  • And this should have gone in the “hair” picture, but still: stainless steel safety razor. (I am saving RIDICULOUS amounts of money with this thing. I estimate that I’ll be going through only $10 worth of razors every year from now on instead of $10 a month.)

As for the oil from the first photo, I still use it a bit, but I might be donating it because I’m really liking the way plain cooking oil feels on my skin.


  • Pomade in glass jar
  • Lush hair spray in recycled plastic bottle
  • Cider vinegar “conditioner” in stainless spray bottle
  • Baking soda and water “shampoo” in plastic squeeze bottle
  • Flat iron
  • Hair clippers
  • Hair scissors

I haven’t had hair longer than shoulder-length since I was 4 or 5, but I understand now just how green and economical having short hair really is. I have what’s called a “quiff”: about an inch along the back and sides with a 3-6″ mess on the top. The most important thing about this haircut other than that I love the way I look with it is that I can cut it myself with hair scissors and clippers. I don’t even need help from a second person at this point. As a teenager, I had no idea that I could cut my own hair without it being a messy act of rebellion, so off to the hair salon I went once every month or two to pay $45 plus tip for mediocre cuts. (It was always such a pain in the ass to find someone willing to butcher my hair just how I wanted it anyway; almost every single stylist I tried wound up trying to salvage my femininity in the face of my decidedly butch personal style. “How many times have I told you that I don’t want it to frame my face?“)

Anyways, the “no ‘poo” stuff is self-explanatory, but I feel as though the hair spray and pomade need an important detail mentioned. The first being that I take forever to go through product, and that’s the only reason I still permit myself to buy it. I had a plastic jar of pomade that I’d used maybe 2/3rds of, and I’d bought it 8 years ago. So this little glass jar should last me just as long, I predict. But if I went through these things like toilet paper, I’d definitely be looking into alternatives.

Oh, and one last thing: I love how simple my bathroom routines are now.