3 Weeks of Trash!

I’m not sure of the exact size of the container, but it was originally a large jar of roasted peppers.

What’s in there: stickers, off-brand emergen-c packets, foil pill packs, plastic bags from some food items, spent lint roller sheets, old vitamins, straws, plastic wrappers, and some other random things.

It’s just a rough estimate of my average trash generation, unfortunately, as I don’t have access to the jar most of the day, and especially since I started filling it up as it’s been a wild few weeks. My mom’s 50th out in the desert was 2 weeks ago, and such a huge party meant loads and loads of trash. I tried being as ZW as possible, bringing jars of snacks and things from home, stainless tumblers, and some reusable napkins, but that was nothing in the wake of the biggest Costco run I’ve ever been on. So that weekend was sort of exempt, unfortunately.

And then this past weekend was a convention with nothing but non-stop running around. I unwittingly ordered myself a coffee that came in a plastic cup, most of my breakfasts were on the go and came in paper baggies, and an awkward evening was spent at Universal Studios with the con-goers, and thanks to a rather opaque schedule and poor planning, there was lots of take-out ordered before we were bused back to the convention center.

But this series of hectic weekends has me thinking about what I should consider “normal” waste-making, and what I should discount as errant and abnormal? I shouldn’t just be living this lifestyle when it’s most convenient for me, adopting old habits when other things magically become priorities for a short time. A vacation should be getting away from familiar places and from the stressors of day-to-day life, not also getting away from our obligations to the earth and to ourselves.

Unfortunately, without an industrial kitchen and a team of helpers, there really isn’t a way to host a weekend-long party for 65+ people without buying disposable plates and napkins.

The convention, though, I know I could have done better with, even though I did make sure to carry around all of my husband’s and my plastic containers in my bag until we could make sure they got recycled.


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