Eating on the Cheap

It’s 10:30 and I’m just now getting into the shower to start my day. Hello Monday (not that it matters one whit what day it is when you’re unemployed). It’s been 3 months without unemployment checks, and things are getting real tight for me. I’ve got $30 to last me an indefinite period of time as far as food and necessities go, I’ve had to cancel the internet at my office, and I’m thinking about ditching the lease on it too. (Unfortunately, there’s no space to work in my rented room, so I’d have to put all my furniture into a storage unit and grab a coworking membership someplace downtown. Which altogether will save me in the ballpark of $250+/mo.)

But hey, speaking of being completely broke and buying food…!

So there’s a gal named Leanne Brown who runs a food/cooking blog called Leanne Cooks. I was introduced to the website recently for the purposes of spreading the word about her two cookbooks: Good and Cheap, and From Scratch.

Aside from being beautiful to look at, useful, and inspiring, the PDF versions of the books are completely free. You read that right: FREE. In a blog-eat-blog world where everyone’s out to make a quick buck from aping each others’ recipes, I don’t think it’s possible to understate how exciting and refreshing this is to me. Not to mention that Good and Cheap is, essentially, a cookbook for the broke or those living on food stamps. (Because poor people deserve to eat well too.) While the subtitle touts eating on just $4/day, that amount is still quite expensive at $120/month. The good part is that Leanne breaks down her recipes by price per serving as well, and with a little luck (access to decent markets) and practice, it’s possible to cut that in half without compromising too much on quality or nutrition.