Destroy the IMF and World Bank

An old film, but just as relevant now as it ever was.

I feel that this is something that needs repeating as often as possible: environmental justice and economic justice are one and the same.

We absolutely cannot achieve a sustainable and environmentally-harmonious society, anywhere in the world, under the system that birthed these two criminal organizations. Lifestyle choices, by their very nature, will never usher in the changes that we need. We cannot buy our way to sustainability (who can afford to make green purchasing decisions anyway? only a tiny percentage of the world’s population is who). We cannot rely on charity to bring developing countries out of poverty when systems like these are allowed to exist. So long as there is a “bottom line” that is measured in dollars rather than the well-being of people, there will never be justice, and our planet is doomed. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.


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