Best Vegan Sammy

I like preparing vegan food a lot even though I’m not actually vegan– hell, I’m not even vegetarian. I do eat more meat than I’d like, just due to the nature of my family functions and such. But ideally, I’d eat it only during special occasions, and only free-range or pastured. It’s how our pastorial ancestors lived for the most part, and it’s that way of life that I’d like to connect with much more.

Eating simple vegan meals also keeps my cooking routine ridiculously easy most of the time too. I mean, things CAN get complicated if you’re wanting to bake or make “cheese” or “sausage”, but that kind of experimentation happens only once in a while. I have my list of veggie staples, I have my small arsenal of pantry items (which are all very versatile), and that’s it. Sure, it’s fun to go out and get a nice, big, complex meal someplace, but I don’t need to do that at home. Take the sandwich for example: bread, condiment, insides. You don’t need to make a roasted this, or a smoked that, or a such-in-such reduction for it. Keep it simple!

Enter this 4-ingredient sandwich (modified from this one from Oh She Glows). It can be pretty darned zero-waste (though sadly my tahini, which I’m currently addicted to, came in a plastic tub… how disappointed I am, Trader Joe’s!) if you’re lucky, too.

Wow this picture sucks!

Easy Vegan Sammy

  • Toasted bread
  • Tahini
  • Tomato
  • Avocado
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Cheese would probably be tasty too? Though not very vegan?

Yep, that’s it. The recipe I based this off of (if you can even call it a recipe lol) calls for hummus and pesto. Honestly, I’ve been there, done that. The problem is that it’s a lot of mush, and will kind of make your sandwich taste like mush too. You have to put quite a bit of hummus in a sammy in order to get that good hummus-y flavor too, so why not just skip all the filler and go straight for the zingy, flavorful tahini? This recipe is even easier, technically… being  zero-waste and all, you’d have to make your own pesto otherwise. I mean, you could make your own tahini too, but I didn’t have such a good go at it last time, heh. I’ll try when I get myself a food processor.

Anyways, this combination is amazing, IMO. I had one of these for dinner last night, and I had the one pictured just now for breakfast. Yum.

And yes, those are tiny avocados.