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New herb garden! We’d bought some small herbs earlier this year, but being a noob, it didn’t occur to me that summer in So Cal kills plants just as readily as winter does in most other places, so that when a seed package says “spring” or “after last frost”, for us that means “fall” or “after last heatwave”.

My grandma’s basil plant. It’s not in that great of shape because she forgot to trim off the flowers earlier this year, but the upside is that some of the seeds escaped and now we’ve got a bunch of seedlings coming up. Hopefully I can keep them alive and give them away when they’re big enough.

A small rosemary here, but keeping it company are a TON of little sprouting lamb’s quarters. Lamb’s quarters are a prolific weed in these parts, but are very edible, and are actually also called wild spinach. I’ve found the matured greens to be unpleasant when raw (but foragers love the stuff when cooked I guess), but the baby greens are way nummo. This is what the look like all grown up:

These guys just kind of sprung up on their own a few months ago near the hose. I’m gonna see if I can save some seed if it turns out these “microgreens” are just as edible as any other.

Tomatoes and beets? I think?? I don’t remember??? Pretty sure beets mostly though. I guess we’ll see once they start developing their real leaves.

To the front “yard”! This is spearmint that almost didn’t make it through the summer and is very slowly coming back. In the yellow pot is a baby s. americanum, also known as black nightshade. It’s also a prolific weed around here, and the berries are edible under certain circumstances, but I’m mostly keeping one for magical purposes.

Nearby are my precious pea plants! They’re so pretty! And so easy to grow! I planted them about 5-6 weeks ago, and they’re already about 8-9″ tall. The packet says they should start producing in another month or two.

Also in the 70 sq/ft patch of dirt is my zucchini mound. I only planted these about a week ago, complete with a little compost. Now all that I need to do is wait.

Back inside, I’ve got a few things going on too…

Celery being regrown from a scrap, mint and garlic attempting to be rooted.

Red onion being regrown from a scrap too.

And finally…

My bottle herb garden! Testing the idea to see if it’ll work at the condo. Here’s the guide I got the idea from, and wow, what a neat idea it is. I have a couple of larger plastic bottles as well, but I’m going to put them to use for individual garlic and onion bulbs, my maturing beets, and maybe some kale or something similar.

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