My Wardrobe

Well… sort of. I don’t actually own any of these exact garments, but I tried to find as many as I could that were close enough to give a good picture of my style.


Tank tops, t shirts, hoodies, beanies and cardigans. Pretty basic stuff, though.

Two pairs of shoes, a pair of pants, two pairs of shorts, and one tank top (and some jewelry) all came from the thrift store. Three other pairs of pants have come from annual warehouse sales, a few too many things have come from Target (sweater, tank, etc; in my defense, I’ve had these things for a long-ass time and I no longer buy clothes from there), some things (hoodies, tights) came from the damage bin at my husband’s work, some t shirts of mine are plastered with images or logos of things I’m a fan of or support (“Legalize Trans*”, a video game, a movie, and a pro-indigenous/Mexican “Republica de California” shirt), and some other pieces that are so old that I don’t remember where they came from.

As of right now, I no longer shop new unless I absolutely have to. Underwear, bras–I wear soft bras pretty exclusively now for a few reasons… maybe I’ll write a short post about them later–socks, and sporting wear like bicycling jackets, rain shells, gloves, wool stuff, and so on. But those things are usually built to last nearly a lifetime.

Fun fact: a project I’d like to work on before my first winter in Oregon (yes I’m gonna be moving there this upcoming year) is a heavyweight cowl of sorts that covers the shoulders and is waterproofed with beeswax. Oh, and I want to see about starting off with natural fabric and dyeing it myself with plants and stuff. Basically, a garment that is as natural and slow-made (and useful!) as possible for me. Of course I’ll be sharing that project whenever I get started on it.

How sustainable is your wardrobe?


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