Today In the Garden #2

Starting the year off on the right foot by being good to my plants!

Here’s what the garden looked like a month ago.

My beets! I’m growing them in 2 and 1.5 liter bottles. There’s also a rogue garlic back there as well. The bottles work great as a cheap alternative to pots.

More garlic. In the back is that celery stub I had sitting in water in the last post, as well as that mint clipping, and the red onion scrap on the right. It doesn’t seem to be doing all that well for some reason; it’s not dead, but it hasn’t grown hardly at all since I planted it. And in the far back is a kale that I got from the local food pantry.

A better shot of the celery. Wow, look at it go. It’s huge compared to when I shared it last!

And the mint. It’s not that big, but it’s very happy. Mint, being rhizomatous, is very easy to propagate from cuttings. I just stripped my cutting down to a few of the topmost leaves, and stuck it in water. It started rooting in just a week or two, at which point, you can put it in some soil. Easy peasy.

That egg carton I had shared last time that I thought had the beets and tomatoes in it? Well, turns out I’d forgotten it was mostly salad greens. Oops. Which wasn’t too much of an issue because they all died anyway. Not sure what I did wrong, but the greens came up pretty spindly. I suspect that I’d sown the seed much too densely, so here’s my second go with scattering them a bit further apart. They seem to be happy, but we’ll see.

The herb pot, which has been COMPLETELY taken over by that parsley. Wow, I had no idea it would love being there so much! The other plants are doing well in there too, just not so aggressive. I’ll have to keep an eye on the parsley to make sure it doesn’t crowd the other herbs out. Guess I should make some pasta~

These are the peas, which last time, were located in the front yard. Turns out they were NOT happy out there because there’s so little light in the winter. I had to dig them up ASAP and move them into the back, which is still getting sun. The scrawny ones on the left were the survivors; I thought they were going to die, especially the bottom left one that lost ALL of its leaves, but it seems that they’re making a comeback. I had no idea peas were so resilient! The others, impressively enough, are new ones that I only planted 2-3 weeks ago and are already starting to climb.

Good to know that peas make great container plants!

Speaking of the front yard… this is what’s left of the zucchini sprouts. There had been four of them, but there’s just so little sun that this one might not make it either. I may have to dig this one up and relocate it too. :[ Fortunately, it’s possible to grow zucchini in pots as well…

And last but not least, more mint and my nightshade. (Isn’t she pretty?)

This is the mint that I took the cutting from; it was not doing well at all for a number of months, after being decimated by pests. With only two little pieces of the plant that remained somewhat healthy, I took a cutting from one, and buried the other section, leaving it intact. This is the result from the latter method. It’s likely put down some good roots already and seems to be doing great! Hopefully it’ll perk up much more once spring rolls around.

As for the nightshade, it’s also doing very well despite being an annual. I find it interesting that, even though I dug it up from another part of the complex, there are other wild plants still around that have already flowered and produced berries even though some of them are smaller than this one. Maybe, by being cared for, this s. nigrum (not, as I guessed, s. americanum in the last post) can be coaxed into growing much longer than it normally might without being fed and watered. I might also try brewing the leaves come spring to make some home-made pesticide, which I hear you can do with tomato leaves, which is a cousin of nightshade. I’ll let you all know how that goes too.

So how about you guys! Any gardening plans for 2015?


One thought on “Today In the Garden #2

  1. Most of your plants look like they’re doing great! I’ve been a house-plant diva most of my life and intend to take it outside this year since we’re now living in a camper with no room for a lot inside. I plan on an herb garden at the least. We’ll see how that goes since I have no room to start anything inside and we still have the worst of the winter weather coming here.

    Good luck with your garden!


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