Stuffing Ain’t Just For Turkeys

It’s January, and I’m scarfing down on a freshly baked pot of stuffing topped with a heaping dollop of gravy. What gives? Thanksgiving was forever ago!

And to that I say, you’re totally right. But guess what? Stuffing isn’t just for holidays anymore, kids. You can have that bready, savory, salty, rich mass of goodness whenever the heck you please. Or, maybe I should say… whenever the produce remnants and stale bread start to overwhelm. Just as you’re allowed to enjoy a turkey sandwich any day of the year, the same can be said for stuffing. It’s not like eggnog, where the stuff is impossible to find out of season, or like pumpkin pie, which has a star ingredient that you just can’t do without.

Stuffing is basically just glorified bread casserole with whatever other ingredients you feel like throwing in. I decided to make my batch of stuffing so late in the game thanks to a hunk of bread that was as hard as a rock, some celery that was getting pretty floppy, and perhaps most importantly, a handful of chanterelles I absolutely did not want going bad. I realized that I also had carrots, frozen peas, leeks, shallot, garlic, almond meal, flax seeds, and other vegan goodies on hand to round it off nicely, and more than enough fixings for a good pot of juicy broth to throw over it.

No holiday necessary.

Got some veggie leftovers one day short of going in the compost? Or one last sausage that you’re not really sure what to do with? Here are some stuffing recipes to get your salivary glands creative juices flowing.