Adventures in Apartment Composting

Wasteless Year

Rotting stuff is easy.

I live in a itty bitty urban apartment with a teeny tiny patio. Since I’ve lived here, I’ve tried to use the patio for many things like a nice hangout spot (too hot) or a tiny vegetable garden (I failed). So far the only things the patio has been successfully used for is a fighting ring for the local raccoons and my compost.

My compost is a large, opaque Rubbermaid container that I drilled a ton of holes in. Super high tech. I found that it composts better if raised a few inches off the ground. I feel like if I were a better scientist I would say with confidence that it’s because the soil needs air circulation and drainage, but I’m a bad scientist so take that at face value. What I DO know is that it’s good to have a good mixture of high…

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