#4Liters Day 1

Well, today… sucked as far as the challenge goes. I completely forgot it was Super Bowl Sunday (I could’t care less about sports–aka manly soap operas), and was therefore at someone’s house and away from my water jug for most of the afternoon.

In my defense, though, I used nary over a cup’s worth to wash my hands throughout the day, and far under-utilized my day’s allotment without legitimately cheating. However I did forget on several occasions while I was at home to stop mindlessly reaching for the faucet.

The gardener and I finally finished (more or less) the compost bin for this side of the condo complex, so now I can finally start throwing shit in there that my worms can’t handle! And I can probably give away the bokashi bin because it’s a pain in the ass for me! And I don’t eat meat anymore either! (A big selling point for bokashi composting is its ability to break down animal products.)

The upside is that I get 3 liters to put into my reserve bucket tomorrow: I only drank 1 liter of water today + 3 beers at the super bowl party.

Which is good. I have some laundry to do tomorrow.