#4Liters Day 3

Not much to report here. Didn’t shower today, didn’t cook today, but I did accidentally leave the skillet out with crud on it so now I’ve got to use extra water to clean it. If only I’d taken my own advice and wiped it down right after eating!

Once again I’m left with an extra 2+ liters of water, though, which will come in handy when I scrub down tomorrow.

Started to wonder today why, exactly, this whole thing felt so easy. It shouldn’t feel easy. It shouldn’t feel relatively stress-free. People in Burkina Faso just barely eke out a living on a gallon of water per person per day and here I am, going about my first world business, wondering why…

…oh right, it’s because I’m in the first world, dur.

I don’t have to set aside a half liter of water to make bread. Or a whole liter to make a pot of rice. Or nervously part with some for my goat so she can give me milk. I have a (relatively) climate-controlled environment that allows me to be in my home without getting hot and losing precious moisture. I have potable–potable! water! wonder of wonders!–coming out of every faucet in the house, clean so that I don’t have to live with diarrhea or something worse that makes dehydration all the easier to achieve. I don’t have to spend hours of my day going to go get the water.

Tomatoes use tons of water; beets too. And by eating them when, say, my father treats me to dinner at a vegan restaurant, I get that moisture. And for every bite I take of juicy fruit or vegetable, that’s one less sip of water I need to drink later. I have simply outsourced my water acquisition, cheating in a way that I could never set straight.

The challenge was always a farce– I knew it was. But now I’m beginning to understand how much of a farce it is. And still, I will continue to play at water poverty. For some reason, I have to keep trying.