#4Liters Post-Game

It’s been almost a week since my last day of the challenge, and I’m still thinking about what doing it meant, if anything. I don’t think I’ve technically “completed” the challenge yet, because I haven’t uploaded a photo and video yet, but I just don’t really know what to feature. I still have my bottle and jug, I could probably show off the amount of water they hold– it’s one thing to read “1 liter”, it’s another thing to actually see what that means.

But in the end, I think I can say I really just learned one thing from all this:

Living in water poverty is easy when you’re not also living in financial poverty.

That’s about all there is to the whole thing. Support water sovereignty, fight poverty, destroy capitalism.

Have I changed any habits? A few, I think… I’m getting into the habit of only using running water from the shower head to wash my hair, keeping the drain closed so that I can do everything else–shave, especially–with the water gathered in the tub. I’ve also stopped using my old pans, instead using the cast iron Lodge one exclusively. No washing necessary!

Other than that, there’s not much else I can do to use less water. I’m using practically nothing compared to most other people already, been doing it for months, and see no reason I’d need to stop.

What can you do to use less water? What can you do to raise awareness about water poverty?

4 thoughts on “#4Liters Post-Game

  1. I’ve found that doing a conditioner in my hair before even starting he shower has cut down the time even more for me. It used to take me about 5 mins to do the full washing and rinsing of my hair and body even when bs/acv but then I started doing coconut oil ahead of time cause I was already using it for my face and now I just use a bar of soap to wash out excess oil and my body at the same time. Down to 2 minutes now and my hair is soooo soft.


    • Huh! Conditioner before ‘pooing? Neato!

      All I do under running water is wash my hair and face, which I can do in about 45 seconds. “Conditioner” is a spray bottle of water/vinegar mixture that I don’t even wash out anymore, so sometimes I do it even after toweling off.

      I shave a lot tho. Arms, pits, pubic area, and legs when I need to. :v


      • Yea that’s what was recommended with regards to using coconut oil in hair. But I dilute the soap (plain ivory bar atm) so that it doesn’t wash out too much affect the cuticle badly. I’m still experimenting though. Been trying a lot of new things lately, like black soap, to find a more sustainable balance on a variety of counts.


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