The Burden of Too Many Choices

My first Throwback Thursday post! This subject is always relevant.

Zero Waste Millennial

My mother is having a milestone birthday this summer, for which she’s organized a weekend-long party at a resort out in the desert, and for which about 50 friends and family have RSVP’d so far. (It’s gonna be nuts.) I decided to take this as an excuse to buy myself a new swimsuit. If part of the zero waste ethos is to invest in good quality things that will last you a while instead of running out to constantly replace crappy things, then having my eyes set on a handmade bikini from a Canadian etsy seller would be ok, right? Instead of forking over for a new Target suit every other year, right?

I had my pieces picked out, and the colors, and everything, but then the unthinkable happened: the seller got swamped with orders and closed the shop until July. But the party was in June!

A sort of…

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One thought on “The Burden of Too Many Choices

  1. That was a good post. Got me being much more discerning at the grocery store and now I don’t even go into certain sections just because I know the packages and food and whatnot will be too wasteful when I could just get something else in the other section that is much more suitable.


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