Help With Purging

Well I missed it yesterday, but here’s a late Thursday Throwback! I guess it’s fitting, seeing as how I’m in the middle of packing everything up and moving to Oregon… and that means more purging. *A*

Zero Waste Millennial

I don’t have all that much to my name, so I got the majority of my purging done in the span of about a month. I still have a few garage and storage boxes to go through, but the hard part is done. (It helps that there are a lot of things that I don’t own that other people take for granted. I don’t own a single clothes hanger, for instance, or side tables, dinner or servingware, appliances, TV, coffee table, bookshelf…)

My husband, who lives apart from me at the moment, has been watching me go through this change of lifestyle with incredible curiosity. We’ve had a number of talks, both deeper and more topical, about waste, consumerism, plastics, industrial capitalism, and how much I hate dusting. (I hate dusting.) He hasn’t joined me in the ZW thing, which is fine–I’m not a moral minimalist–but he’s intrigued about applying…

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