On the 13th I hop on a train  at LA’s Union Station bound for central Oregon, where I will be moving in with my uncle and his wife on their small ranch just outside of Bend. My base of operations for the immediate future will be there as I work on my immigration papers so that I can finally, after 3 and a half years of being married, be with my partner in BC. In the meantime, I plan on taking my meager income from my art and comics work, as well as whatever other odd jobs I can pick up, and travel about Cascadia by bike and by train.

I know how to live so much more cheaply and simply now than I did a couple of years ago; so if I can make ends meet while spending time in LA with family, with my partner in Vancouver, and with my aunt, uncle, and grandmother in Bend, I definitely will. Jobs are for suckers. And getting laid off a year ago was possibly one of the best things that could have happened to me.

I’ll be taking lots of pictures of this transition over the next month, and whatever subsequent adventures I’ll have in places like Portland, Eugene, Seattle, and hell, I might even visit a blogger friend in Spokane while I’m at it. I’ll be writing about my travels on here, but you’re also invited to follow me on instagram and see it all in its spontaneous, unorganized glory. Plus cat pictures.

One of the things I realized about moving and packing boxes to be shipped by UPS is that I absolutely refuse to pay for packing material, because that’s for suckers too. What’d I use for fill in my 25 boxes? Old elementary school homework assignments from a box that my dad dug out of his storage unit, clothes, blankets, and free copies of LA and Pasadena Weekly that probably get thrown out by the truckload anyway.

I also wound up purging a lot again. Clothes, old iPhone cables (I have an android now; it’s seriously better in every single way), doodads, a few things from my old office like a big LCD monitor that’s more trouble than it’s worth, comic books that I’ll never read again (I’m realizing that I pretty much never read comic books a second time unless its for reference purposes… I really need to start using Comixology because of this), shoes, and other random things that I thought were too sentimental to let go of. The one thing that sucks about getting close to a moving date like this is that I can’t buy my usual foodstuff– the only way I’m going to make sure food doesn’t go to waste or doesn’t get left behind is if its prepackaged. Oh well. Convenience: a small price to pay? lol.

At any rate, I’m off now to mail some things to the hubs. I’ve got a comics fest I’m tabling at on the last weekend of the month, and the only way to guarantee an easy border-crossing is to make sure you don’t have anything with you that looks like merchandise. Also… anything that looks like dicks, too. Seeing as how one of my zines is drawings of famous Japanese mecha wearing strap-ons, I figure I’d really rather not play with fire. I’ve also got a return to make at the bike shop (I replaced my handlebars for the first time, and boy did I learn a lot about brakes… especially that some employees can’t be trusted to guess the diameter of your bars if you don’t know the actual number), and I’m taking a jar of coins to the machine at the grocery store for sorting. Yay, money!

So… cheers everyone! And stay tuned for adventures.


4 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Hi,
    I follow your blog and saw that your coming to Seattle. If you feel like taking a ferry from Seattle to magical Vashon Island, we just built a cedar yurt there and are now living our dream. Your welcome to stay in our guest room and check out the island. It is a hotbed for bicyclists because of the rolling hills, farms and rural beauty.
    You can see the yurt here:
    And an article on Vashon:
    Have fun on your grand adventures and good luck on your journey! Hope to hear from you! -Laura


    • Hi Laura!

      That is a VERY cool house you’ve built for yourselves! Wow, just beautiful. And Vashon sounds like a great destination too.

      Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to stay with you unless you’d be willing to let me stay in exchange for some help around the property or something similar, as I’m super broke lol.

      Have you heard of


      • Oh no, no no! I didn’t realize it came out like that. To clarify, we do not rent out our home/room. I was offering a free place to stay if you felt like checking out the island for an overnight stay or something like that. We live in the house but have an extra room. Or even just swing by if you didn’t want to spend the night. It would be nice to meet another person who cares and thinks about the same stuff that we do. No pressure though, just wanted to put it out there. -Laura


        • Oh wow, ok! I’d totally love to stay with you for a night or two! And no worries at all, I just don’t like to make assumptions and presumptions and all that sort of thing :B

          At any rate, I will totally keep this in mind once I’m settled and ready to make road plans. Thank you so much for the invitation! Let’s keep in touch! Oh, and the same is extended to you if you ever find yourself in central Oregon. :]

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