Bicycling 103

Zero Waste Millennial

Well, looks like Bike Month is just about over. In my last two posts (101 and 102), I compiled links on buying bikes, riding bikes, keeping your bikes safe, and keeping you safe on your bike. In this last post, I’ll talk about the most hardcore stuff you can do on a bike.

Going Car-less

As I say on my About page, I don’t have a car, and owning a bike is really the only way that I’ve been able to do that. My current ride is a single-speed Pure Fix, and I love it. It’s perfect for riding around town, doing grocery runs, and navigating light street traffic. It’s also very affordable as far as this style of bike goes, though you can still get cheaper. Schwinn, for example, has a similar style for a similar price (the “Racer”), and they have simple comfort bikes for closer…

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