Ownership vs. Stewardship

Throwback Thursday! Enjoy~

Zero Waste Millennial


So someone told me that I was rude for wanting to reuse something.

This person was my grandmother, and the occasion was Mother’s Day. We were having brunch and I’d given her and my mom their presents; a gift card for her, and some random stuff for my mom (like this stainless bento box which she is totally in love with now). Gma’s present was so tiny that I just put it in a little card box with a ribbon on top, but for my mom’s pile of stuff I had a cloth gift bag from Patagonia (can’t seem to find them on their site at all? anyways, they’re awesome) that I just threw it all into and took back when she pulled everything out.

My mom had absolutely no problem with this; I told her that this is how I roll now, and she’s completely on board. Besides…

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