Day 161: Herbal Recipes: Oxymels

As a pagan, a simple living eco-nerd, and as someone with a fascination with folk magic traditions, I’ve always found Brandon’s blog to be a captivating and informative read. Here are some of his recipes for medicinal vinegar preparations.

Mountain Man Traditional Healing


I’m starting a series of posts on herbal preparations and giving out some great and easy recipes I use all the time. Here’s the inaugural post: oxymels!

Oxymels are sometimes called “sipping vinegars” and are a great way to preserve medicinal herbs. The process basically starts the same way as medicinal vinegars, but then honey is added as a sweetener, thickener, and preservative. Personally I really enjoy medicinal vinegars, especially since I’ve started avoiding alcohol, but for some folks vinegars can be a little intense. Oxymels are a great way to have the same benefit from the vinegar tincture but in a more palatable form. Here are a few recipes I make all the time:

Oxymel base: 1 part herbal matter : 3-4 parts vinegar and honey (depending on how sweet you want it).

Usually I make these in a quart jar. Divide the jar into fourths, fill ¼ of…

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