On Wrapping Presents Without Tape

I’m back in LA for the holidays! It’s sunny and… warm. Don’t ask how this born and bred Angelino came to appreciate icy winters, but I do, and I can’t wait to head back up north to have me some longer nights and colder temperatures.

Due to a bunch of unforeseen circumstances that suck, I’ve spent the last 7 months in Canada while my stuff sat on a shrink-wrapped skid in Oregon. I’ve got my old N64 console packed away in there, and it’ll be nothing short of a miracle if it still works by the time I’m allowed to legally move myself to Vancouver, thanks to the building’s complete lack of climate control during the frigid winter or blazing summer heat of the high desert.

The other thing that got packed away, however, was my Xmas wrapping supplies; namely my cloth gift bags and muslin furoshiki cloths made for me by a friend. I may get around to a fabric store to replace them, but I might not, either. So this year I pretty much intend on doing all my wrapping in newspaper and jute garden twine.

You know, sort of like how things were done before tape came along. (Psst- plastic tape has only been in common use for less than 80 years.)

So, resolved to wrap with paper and twine like the good old days – though really, the concept of everyone hiding presents behind a jacket of pressed wood pulp for every occasion is really not that old of a tradition either – I looked into techniques for wrapping without tape.

So here are a few videos featuring some tricks:

The only problem with trying to do ZW gift-wrapping? You always give yourself away at Secret Santas. :P