What I’m Reading: A Friday Roundup

Reflections of a Democracy In Crisis – The Archdruid Report
John Micahel Greer looks back on one of the worst elections in US history and reiterates his opinion of where we ought to go from here, how we might avoid civil war, and how, exactly, we wound up with a President Trump.

The Black Belt: How Soil Types Determined The 2008 Election in the Deep South – The Vigorous North
Analysis on how, well, soil types have determined voting patterns in the US, thanks to their historical agricultural usage.

Unprepared – Resource Insights
I’ve only been smartphone-less for about a week, and already I’m being faced with how far down this rabbit hole most of us are. Kurt Cobb describes a society that makes neither plans nor contingency plans any longer, a society that lives on-demand or “just-in-time” lives anymore. But at what cost?

The Details: An Interview with Jan Zwicky – The Dark Mountain Project
An interview with a Canadian poet, philosopher, musician, and writer on the ecology of thought and language, and how to live in a time of ecological destruction. I specifically appreciate this excerpt:

…as part of this meditative work, we recycle, and we walk or take public transit, we don’t waste water, we don’t waste heat we try to act responsibly, that is, responsivelytoward the other beings with whom we cohabit. But we don’t try to ‘fix’ the world. We adapt our desires to what respectful and thoughtful living allows, and in this find joy. Real joy, not some puritanical satisfaction at having ‘done the right thing’. The self widens.