Millennials: the first generation to truly have less than their parents. We’re over-educated, under-valued, broke, transient, and awash in a sea of plastic, carbon-heavy consumerism. Some of us, though, have decided to reject everything the boomers told us.

And I mean everything.


I found Bea’s blog through an episode of the How Stuff Works podcast, and I was instantly hooked. I have a propensity for being things that many others never give a second thought to – polytheist, disinterested in gender, suspicious of government and business alike, critical of technology –  and discovering zero waste was a lightbulb moment. It meshes well with philosophies and habits that I was already fostering or interested in fostering (slowness, anti-consumerism, mindfulness), and it was a handy label to slap on all of my burgeoning thoughts concerning global warming and the role industrial civilization has played in creating it. Also, I found it to be a refreshing weapon in my fight against various unhealthy addictions stemming from being unhappy with how the “world works”, as the Boomers have built it. I’m hoping that, when all is said and done, that my last addiction will be simplicity.

It’s tough trying to live a zero waste kind of lifestyle while also being broke as hell, though. So this is me, documenting how it manifests in my day to day life, as well as current events I find to be inextricably linked to the struggle for environmental conservation, anti-consumerism, and overall human/planet health. I am probably the most radical ZW blogger out there by a long shot, and while not surprising, it’s still disappointing to see so many others not quite getting the big-picture implications of the zero waste ethic. Some of them still take pride in their eco-chic brand of consumerism, are still enjoying the rat race, still fail to see how big government and big business have fundamentally failed us and the planet. So I’m a lone voice in that regard. But that’s OK; I can only hope that the content that I share with you, whether factual or emotional, will broaden some of your horizons.

My 5 R’s

These are the tenets I try to live my life by now; the ethical pillars that inform every decision I make. And hopefully, they’ll inspire you to think more about the choices you make in your day-to-day life.

  • Reject: say “no” to more clutter in your life: physical, mental, emotional.
  • Reduce: reduce the clutter you do wind up bringing in; consider why you’ve brought it into your life and why you felt it was necessary.
  • Reuse: make do with what you already have. It’ll probably get the job done.
  • Recycle: turn what you already have into something else. Use that elbow grease!
  • Reclaim: bring something good and useful back into your life that was taken away; whether that means restoring your soil, seed-bombing, turning your lawn into an edible garden, squatting, or simply turning off the TV; this is the ultimate, and most important, of the R’s.

The ZWM Promise:

  1. This blog will never be lifestyle porn.
  2. This blog will never be marketable.
  3. I will always support my claims with facts.
  4. I will not stop talking about biosphere collapse, resource depletion, and peak energy.
  5. This blog will not shy away from difficult discussions, but it won’t be afraid to have fun sometimes too.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello There,
    Can’t find any contact info so I’m just posting my message here. I’d like to invite you to the ‘Zero Waste Bloggers Network’. I can send you more details about it, when you send me a message to inge [at] gruenish [dot] com. Please mention your blog name and your real name.


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  3. Hi – I would love to chat with you about a TV show I’m working on about millennials going off-grid. Contact me at your convenience – Taylor Kampia.


    • Hi there. Thanks for the offer, but I’ll have to decline as I’m neither living off-grid at the moment nor do I have an interest in having anything to do with ratings-driven “””reality””” TV programming.


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