Abeego Review

I discovered Abeego products when I found myself wondering how to store cheese without plastic (which, apparently, ruins the taste of good quality soft  cheeses according to most connoisseurs).

MEDIUM | Not to Big, Not too Small | 3 Flats

So Abeego wraps are unbleached cloths of varying sizes, coated in a healthy dose of beeswax and jojoba oil, and their purpose is to replace saran wrap. Hubs got me the variety pack, which was super smart of him, so got to test out one of each size.

The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the package–which was all completely recyclable and plastic-free, I might add!–was the powerful smell of beeswax. It was… pretty overwhelming, actually. I was worried that the smell would leech into the food I wrapped it with, but later found out that it wouldn’t be much of an issue. The author blog I found the recommendation on was worried about this as well, and I doubted that it could actually smell that strongly until I opened the package for myself. I needed something to test my new goodies out on, so I put it to the test with some grass-fed cheddar and a small wedge of parmesan.

The company boasts the product’s ability to both stick to itself and hold its shape after forming with your hands. And I found… that it was true! But curiously enough, the thing that wound up keeping my cheese from tasting like beeswax was the only minor drawback I had about the product.

Ok. So when you use the wrap at room temperature, it’s pliable, and thanks to the wax and oil, feels thick in a way. It does stick to itself. It does keep the folds and creases you make in it, making it feel and function like some kind of wonderful hybrid of saran wrap and kraft paper. But the material does change when you put it in the fridge– say, to store cheese. At room temperature, soft cheeses might absorb some of the odor, but if you’re USian, you don’t store cheese at room temperature. As soon as the Abeego gets cold, it no longer has that sticky quality to it, and folds you make hold by the consistency of the wax alone. Folds that aren’t made very tightly, I found, had a tendency to come a bit undone as the edges no longer stayed down. But at the same time, the wax and oils solidified a bit, and the wrap stopped smelling. Hm!

Personally, my verdict is that I love the darned things and I plan on having a nice, small, arsenal in my kitchen to replace all disposable wrapping materials in the future. It doesn’t stain, it washes easily, it sticks when you need it to. Oh, and did I mention that the order came with a free sample of ‘Abeebits’? Abeebits are, I guess, strips of the Abeego material from excess cloth that can be used a little like putty, a little like twist-ties, a little like twine, and a little like a million other things I haven’t even thought of yet. I did use a strip to tie up some rogue bits of my tomato plant this morning, though. (We’ll see how it fares in the Southern California heat.)

Here are pictures of some of mine in action:

The small size is perfect for wrapping up half of an avocado!
The medium size wrapping up some cheese.

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Similar products are also available from Bee’s Wrap, Kaufmann Mercantile, or you can just make them yourself!