The DIY Masterlist

I’ve tried to keep the things here more or less “basic”, which can be made relatively cheaply, with products that have a lot of other uses for self-sufficiency, with materials/equipment that are reusable in general, or out of things that you can even find in the trash. (For instance I’m not gonna list how to make your own smoked salt, which isn’t really in the spirit of self-sufficiency, or how to build your own computer, which is just plain beyond the scope of the list.) So as a general rule, these are more or less utilitarian and of use to the layperson.

The Kitchen

  • Appliances, Beverages, Condiments, Staples, Misc.

The Bathroom

  • Bath and Body, Cosmetics, Hygienic Stuff

The Bedroom

  • Furniture, Sexytime

The Closet

  • Fixing Clothes, Inclement Weather, Transgender Items

The Office

  • General, Blue Collar Work, Coding

The Living Room

  • Entertaining, Furniture

The House

  • Air, Arts and Crafts, Cleaners, Laundry, Light, Metal, Pests, Pets

The Yard/Balcony

  • Composting, Gardening, Pests

The Car

  • General

The Street/City

  • Bicycling, Shopping

The Outdoors

  • General

Direct Action, Survival, & Going Outside the System

  • “How to Not Pay For…”, Demonstrations, Dealing with Cops, etc., Taking Back Your Neighborhood


Putting this together took for-evar, and I’ve missed a lot of stuff. In fact, this list really only begins to scratch the surface of… stuff you can theoretically do/make yourself. I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to take recommendations from folks on what guides to research and put up next, links, and expertise on where a guide isn’t so helpful/easy/healthy in practice. I’m especially going to need help in the pet section since I’m only knowledgeable about cats.

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for additions in the future! I’ll be adding to this for a long time, I think. ;]


4 thoughts on “The DIY Masterlist

    • Hey no problem! It was a ton of fun to research all this stuff. And if you have any ideas of what else should go on here, definitely let me know!


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